well, go to the silloutte image and click on selection-all or press ctrl-a. Then go to edit-copy, or ctrl-c. then go to the gray graphic. press ctrl-v, that will paste the sillouette image. Then you will see some tools on the left side of the program. the second one down are the selection tools. Select the magic wand tool. This will select pixels based on there colour, anyway, just click on the white part and then select the paint brush, now

Export Window. Transmog.



Photo Impact hue/sat










Color Format Change Menu

Firstly, if you dont know what programs you are supposed to be usin' cause you didnt read the simple part first, go there real quick and read the top part. Otherwise, please feel free to partake in the many joys of decifering the symbols in the following paragraphs which will, hopefully, allow you to transmogrifier your own objects. ie.. read on. 8) Hey everyone, that was smaz's lame attempt at humour, yay!!!

Go To Simple Object Makin'

Okay, well, export the object you want to create, only this time, in the object export window, unclick the just change colors box and click the all channels, one zoom thing. Now, here's the thing there are three graphics now for each one there was in the color change mode. There is now one that is a white silouette of the object, and one that is kind of a grey/shading version of the object. The white/black one defines the parts of your new graphic that will show. so basically, all you have to do with this, is make sure that whatever you do to the primary graphic that the black sillouette is an exact sillouette, if its to big, you will see parts of your background(the yellowness) in your picture in the actual game, if its to small, you wont see parts of your graphic at all. Now as for the gray graphic, just copy the white/black silloutte, and make the black part white, and the white part an even light gray, but not to light, or your object well be covered over by objects behind it. How do you do this?






just paint the whole screen, you will see it only colors inside the selection. Now you have made the white part gray. Now go to selection-inverse. This will make it so the black is selected, now paint the whole picture white. and you are done, good for you. now here is the thing, this is the important part. You want to change the original image, but the program keeps whining whenever you do something interesting. Well, you have to change the color mode. Go to format-data type-48bit RGB. Now you can use all the funky effects this program has to offer. what are they?? well you can paint stuff now and it will look nicer and smoother, but you can also use filters and everyfing. Check out the effects menu and play around. When you are done changing the main graphic you have to change the mode back to index again. so go to format-data type-256color index. Then click save as, and you will see a pull down menu of all the different types of files you can save it as. You want to save it as a BMP, or bitmap. Important, dont forget that your gray picture and silloutte have to match the original picture exactly, DO NOT worry that the gray picture doesnt look 3d or anything, it will work fine if you basically just make it a gray siloutte.



You arent exactly done yet, well you have to import the object back into the transmogrifier, then close the transmog and you are all done. Dont forget to change the description and stuff though. Now, This will take a while the first time you do it, but after a while youll get a lot quicker, by a while, i mean a few days if you keep at it, so its worth it. Learn how to copy and paste grapic states for different frames and stuff like that so that you dont have to do the same thing over and over if you want to make little changes between frame annimations. Learning how to use the program will help a lot to. When it comes right down to it though, photoshop is the best program for this kinda thing out there, so if you can get a hold of that, do so. If you want to learn how to use photo impact there are a ton of tutorials on the web. Although i think ive told you everything i know, to get the full potentional of object making it really helps to know the program you are using quite well. Now, you may also have noticed that this program has 30 day trial period before you cant use it anymore. well, there are things that can be done about this. *wink wink.* Its called a crack, and will make that pesky 30 day thing go away. I will put a link to it up here, but i dont want to host the actual file cause geocities may kick me off. Here it is.


Just click again to Download the file. Follow the instructions on the read me inside, its all pretty simple really. Well if you have any questions at all email me at smaz123@home.com 8)


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