First, open the transmogrifier, then select the object whos color you want to change. select the clone button, it will ask you what you want to name the cloned object. name it, then say okay. then click export object file, this will export the graphics of the clone. the program already has it set so that you can only change

Export Window. Transmog.



Photo Impact hue/sat

Want to make your own objects. Well. ill show you how. Firstly, you will need the software. So, start by going to...


then click on the download now button. This is a big program. 41 megs about. Im looking around for something smaller now, but this is the best, no matter what i find.

Here, you will download a demo of photo impact, Personally i use photoshop, but there isnt any way of getting that, thats easy enouph. Okay, now you will also need this.


then click I accept.

Okay, now install those programs. Do that by double clicking on the file you downloaded, and the rest is self explanetory. Now, there are restrictions to what you can make. Firstly you can only really manipulate objects that already exsist. for example, you can turn the phone into a cheese burger, however it will still only hook up to the wall, and it will still interact with the characters in the same way, etc. So essencially you can only change the look of something, the price, the description, and where it appears in the catalog. You cannot change anything else. Okay, well, i suggest you start off simple, so, first learn how to change the colors, however, if you want to move faster, then skip to changing shapes and all.


the color. so, export it to a folder. now you are going to want to go into photo imapct, open photo impact, then go into the folder youve seleted. There will be several different files for the object you are going to make, depending on the object. Firstly, there will be a graphic for each sqaur that the object is made up of. for example, a couch can take up to squars in the game, so there will be a seperate graphic for each sqaure. Also, some objects that move etc. will have several different frames of annimation, each one with its own graphic state. ie, the phone has a graphic for when its ringing, and when its not. So that being said, open up all those graphics. The easiest way to change the colour is to go to format-hue/saturation and play with those little bars in the menu that will pop up. its fairly self explanitory, but a few seconds of messing with it will show you everything. The hue changes the color basically. You can do other things as well, draw little smiley faces or whatever on the object. But do not move the object, and anything you draw outside the object.

So, now your done messing with the object. save all the files you changed and exit photo impact, go back to the transmogrifier and click the import object file. It will automatically have selected the last object you exported, however, if not, click on the xml file named after your object. export it, and you are done. congrats, wasnt that fun. But you are not done silly. There is still more fun things you can do. If you click on edit object, then edit definitions, you can change all sorts of things, the program tell you what each option does, but basically, you can change the price, the discription, catalog placement, etc. You can change what the rating says, but you CANNOT actually change the rating of an object. Now, if you objects took up more than one sqaure, you are going to want to click on view object, and make sure the squars are allighned correctly, if they are not, just move the little arrows, its all quite easy. There can be a lot of jargon involved, the best best way to figure this out is by playing with it. dont get frustrated, you shouldnt run into any problems from what i told you, but in case you do, mess with it, or email me at smaz123@home.com.

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