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cheats page About/Contact me Main install help C H E A T S

To get into the cheats menu hold down ctrl + shift and press "c". A small green bar will appear. type the cheat in that.

rosebud ;!;!;!;!;! <---- (Get more money. keep typing ";!;!;!" as many times as you want, you get a thousand dollars for each one. If you want to get a lot of money quickly type it a few times. then select the ";!" and press ctrl-c. then put your cursor at the end of the text and hold down ctrl-v)

move_objects on <---- (While in build mode this cheat will allow you to move or delete objects that you couldnt otherwise move or delete. And you can place or move things that are "out of bounds")

water_tool <---- (Add some water around your home. Great for Moats and ponds. Note that Sims can NOT route over water. The code turns the water tool on and off. Type once to turn it on, again to turn it off. You need to be in Build mode to use this. Draw out water like you would floor tiles. Hold control down ( open apple on the Mac ) and click to remove water)

edit_grass <---- (Type this cheat with a number from -150 to 150. Click on the grass and that spot will be adjusted to this value. Using EDIT_GRASS -150 for example will kill the grass as you paint. Use EDIT_GRASS 0 to exit this mode)

map_edit <---- (Add on/off to enter and exit this mode. White shaded tiles are the non editable region. This is the area that you can NOT place objects in Buy mode, pick them up, or use Build mode in. The yellow shaded area is your normal building region. Click on a tile to alternate between yellow and white to change the editable region. Be sure to use MAP_EDIT OFF to exit this mode. Changes are PERMANENT for this lot if you save it afterwards.)

set_hour <---- (Changes the current hour. Example: SET_HOUR 22 for 10 PM. The individual simulations of the objects are not designed for the time to be changed on the fly so this is extremely dangerous to do. For that reason it has been removed in Version 1.1 and up)

set_speed <---- (Type with a number from -1000 to +1000. Changes the speed the simulation operates. Click on any of the speed controls on the control panel to reset to normal speeds. The only real use for this is to slow the simulator down for video capture)

autonomy <---- (Follow this by a number. The default is 50. Use AUTONOMY 100 and they can do almost everything you can make them do. With AUTONOMY 0 they can do nothing on their own. Set to AUTONOMY 50 to return to normal. Only 0, 50, and 100 have any function)

draw_all_frames <---- (Usually the game skips frames on slower machine to keep the game playable. This cheat forces the game to draw every frame slowing down the game to do it)

sweep <---- (Shows the "ticks" in the game. retype the code to turn it off)

tile_info <---- (Shows the information of the tile that you select)

Perfect Mood <---- (use the "move_objects on" cheat and delete your person. Then go back into the live mode and select the head of your person in the menu bar and they will reapear with a perfect mood)

Perfect Personality <---- (If you own the Livin' Large expansion pack you can actually make a Sim with a perfect personality. When designing the character in Create-A-Sim assign no points to any of the personality traits. Then buy a Chemistry Set and when you make a yellow potion have the Sim drink it. It will reverse the personality making a perfect Sim)

interests <---- (Each Sim has its own interests that are used for talking. To see their interests use this cheat. The interests are shown for the currently selected Sim. The interest can be from 0 to 10 with 0 meaning no interests and 10 meaning great interests. Though you can NOT change a Sim's interest you can use this to see why two Sims never talk much to each other. A Sim always starts a conversation with a subject that they have an interest of ten in, if the other Sim isn't interested in that subject they will leave the conversation. Sims with similar interests get along better. Note that the interest names are incorrect in versions 1.0 and 1.1. 1.2 ( Livin' Large ) displays the correct interest names. When two are listed such as Travel / Toy this means that they have the same interest level in the adult conversation of Travel as they do in the child interest of Toys. Also note that Sims only talk about the last 4 interests ( Weather to Outdoors ) when talking while eating or other group activities)


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